Mlm residual income success with network marketing leads is the way most network marketers do business, at least part of the business. There are always product demonstrations, bump-intos, etc.

The question always is, how do I find people to talk to? Where do I get leads?

There are many companies willing to sell you leads anywhere from a few cents a lead to several dollars a lead. We are told the the more expensive leads are “pre-qualified“. Well, I’ve never found them to be any more valuable than the others.

Would you believe it, I’ve never had one of those leads pan out at all. Most people I talk to haven’t had good luck with them, either.

People who are on leads lists generally signed up for something else, fell for a “ground floor” brand new network marketing scheme – designed mostly to build lead lists – and have had their names recycled, re-hashed, and re-sold to unsuspecting network marketers.

When you talk to the leads – if they’ll even answer the phone, let alone speak with you – you find they have no recollection of signing up as an interested party in starting a home-based-business. What a waste of their time and yours! Or mine.

And, sadly, there are some network marketing companies that teach you the way to find leads is to buy theirs. You may not know that the money you pay goes to someone upline in the company or even the owner. You may never earn a dime, but they do all right.

Does the term “do your due diligence” strike a cord with anyone? Ask where they came from.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to talk to anyone who doesn’t want to talk to me. I want the people who raise their hand.

Mum’s the word, but there is a better way. More about that next time.

Wishing you mlm residual income success with network marketing leads,

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