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MLM Residual Income Success with Expert Mentors

Who would you use as an “mlm residual income expert for success” to advise your way to your goals? Someone who has old training? Someone who is no longer building a business? Someone who never built an mlm business but just writes about it and makes money selling you the information?My lovely daughter, who happens to have Down syndrome and who has more emotional common sense than most people, is having a weight issue. Now, I know what she’s eating and how much she’s exercising. Her weight is still going up and there’s no obvious reason.

We took her to her gatekeeper doctor and had a blood test – showing that her thyroid is normal. I challenged the office on that, but they insisted she’s fine and the thyroid is normal.
Well, I know something is wrong. We need to find what it is.
I have had a couple of doctors tell me, “Well as long as she’s happy…”
She doesn’t fit her clothes well, anymore, her ankle hurts, and she can’t do all the walking she used to. She can no longer do the back walk-over she learned in gymnastics that she was able to do for years. Her quality of life has diminished. She’s only 28.
I’m Mom. I know there’s something wrong!
I’m an expert mom enough to know that these so called medical experts can’t or just don’t think beyond the box of their own training. Often they just don’t have the time, but I believe the mindset is the biggest issue.

Well, I cannot afford to wait for the possibility someday this will change.

So what do I do?
I seek out an expert in alternative health to find out what’s really wrong with my daughter so she can be helped. Someone who is currently helping other folks whose other medical professionals are still “practicing” on them and aren’t helping. Someone who is successful now. By the way, he found a couple of low thyroid markers for my daughter, so I was right.

The same principle holds true in network marketing for mlm residual income success.

Why would I follow the advice of someone who just writes about mlm success, or used to build a team, or never did build a team. I’m going to someone who’s successful mentoring and building today.
That’s what we have with Mentoring for Free and my close friends and mentors Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis and Don Standard and Roxanne Green, among others. These fine folk are building successfully today and teaching many others how to do the same thing.
Wishing you mlm residual income success with expert mentors,
Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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MLM Residual Income and Tax Freedom Day

My good friend and personal mentor Art Jonak gave a training on Tax Freedom Day.

He said that the analysts have figured out that this year April 23 was the tax freedom day. That means that, considering all the federal income tax we pay, the income we get up to April 23, the amount, that is, all goes to Uncle Sam for taxes. Everything we earn after that is ours.

This, of course, is not addressing state, property, sales, taxes, and all the other hidden taxes we pay.

Art also mentioned that those of us in network marketing have an earlier Tax Freedom Day. That’s because we have more legitimate tax deductions.

So, here’s to and earlier Tax Freedom Day!

Wishing you success with mlm residual income and Tax Freedom Day,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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MLM Residual Income – Full Circle with Duplication

My mother is not in network marketing, has nothing to do with mlm residual income or lead generation. However, she fits into the “Full Circle” category.

How do I mean?

My late maternal grandmother Irene, mom’s mother, may she rest in peace, used to have a braille machine and transcribed books into braille for the folks with vision impairment.

My mother, now in her 80’s (she doesn’t want me to say exactly – can you relate?) recently had hip replacement surgery on her right leg. Since she couldn’t get out and drive herself till last week she spent time translating a book into an audio on tape for folks with visual impairment. She has a cousin who just lives on those audio books.

Anyway, what we’re seeing here is duplication of my grandmother’s contribution to society. Only the technology has changed. Mom never learned braille, but she can read and talk just fine. So much of my mother’s life has been totally different than my grandmother’s, but there has been full circle with this particular service. Can my mother teach others how to read and create new audio book tapes? Certainly.

I’m really proud of my grandmother and my mother for lots of reasons. This duplication put me in mind of network marketing. Success comes from duplication. You want to do the work right one time and keep getting paid for that, and be able to teach others to do the same.

The system has to be one that you can plug anyone into and that person can be successful. People are not duplicatable, but systems are. Of course, it helps if the system has a proven track record of success. And it is mandatory that the system is working today. And that you can do it, and show others how to use it.

I’m sure that braille books are being printed, or rather, punched all the time. But there are so many people today who need the audio versions who are visually impaired due to age-related issues and never learned, nor will learn braille. So, plugging people into creating audio books is current and duplicatable. And they can be successful doing it and feel good about doing a wonderful service.

Wishing you mlm residual income success by coming full circle with duplication,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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MLM Residual Income – Happy Tax Day

If you have a business you operate from home then you probably know the secret to yesterday’s Happy Tax Day.
Forgive me if I celebrate a day that is painful to so many. You’re probably wondering: is she nuts?
Part. of operating a business from home is – ready? – T A X S A V I N G S.

I’ll never be without a home-based business.

Well, I get to deduct the space in my home that I use as an office, I get to deduct much of my business miles, and with a sign or two on my car, they’re all business miles. Anything I purchase on autoship is considered advertising, therefore deductible. Business supplies, business travel, postage – well, you get the idea – it all helps reduce my income taxes. Of course, I keep track in case the IRS ever wants to check, which they did, once.
I save all my receipts and used to just put them in ziplock baggie and envelopes. Now I also use Neat Receipts and scan them in. I keep a record of the online stuff, well, online, but backed up.
I’ve learned from my accountant what I need to account for and what is allowable.
I also have changed my withholding exemptions so that I bring home more pay from my job. That is an instant pay raise.

Please don’t take my word for this – check with an accountant. But it must be an accountant who specialized in mlm taxes. Not all accountants know the ins-and-outs of mlm tax rules.

One accountant, a friend of mine, was absolutely sure I could not show a loss for more than 3 years and still count it as a business. I remember being in the car in the back seat on the way to a play. My friend was in the front seat just in front of me. I recall her tossing her head and shrugging her shoulders and telling me “good luck”.It was like I was slapped and made to feel stupid and wrong.

If she had been my accountant and I found out later she was wrong, which she is, I’d be furious and that may well end the friendship.

Be careful who you choose as a tax adviser!

It could cost you thousands or dollars – or save them!

My accountant happens to be in Tennessee and I mail, fax, and email stuff to her, but I have heard from other accountants that mine is exactly right. By the way, if you ever want to speak with mine, let me know. Edie’s awesome.

Your accountant doesn’t have to be local to you. A lot of people have accountants in places far from them.

Anyway, hope your Tax Day was as happy as mine.

Wishing you mlm residual income and happy tax day in the future,
Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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MLM Residual Income and Team Help

In my last post on “Being a leader” I talked about “Googling” information and not asking anyone for the answers. Well, sometimes you have to get some team help.

I understood the general principle of using the Windows Movie Maker and the different things it can do. But when it came to actually finding everything and setting a few things up, my eyes glazed over and I got that little voice coming from the pit of my stomach saying – “help!”

I long for the good old days of written instruction booklets.

So I called a friend on my team, sideline to me, who has helped me before with the voice recording program and he, with lots of patience, walked me through.

Now this is the beauty of an extended team where everyone leaves his or her ego at the door.
Another close friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy, author of the e-book Success in 10 Steps and founder of Mentoring for Free says that a successful team has no room for greed and ego. My friend Kim gets no monetary benefit from what I do, but he’s a buddy and willing to help.

Not only did I learn how to find different tools and learn, finally, how to set up a file folder on the desktop, but my Kim discovered a few things he hadn’t noticed before. He said he could make use of those.

Also, speaking of team help, he knows I’m good for composing a jingle should he need one for his videos. I am, after all, the singing network marketer.

So being a leader does mean you solve problems. But every leader has other mentors and leaders and friends and you have to know when to ask for help, yourself. For some people that’s really hard. I’ll go over that in another post.

An extended team of persons with a variety of talents and expertise means strength. Strength of the team and, in turn, strength of the company.

The strength of the whole is always greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Wishing you success with MLM residual income and team help,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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MLM Residual Income and Being a Leader

I never desired being a leader, especially. Does this resonate with anyone?  I grew up contented to be a “worker bee”, not the queen. That may have had something to do with not having a lot of confidence in myself, although I did well in school and have always had the ability to be creative with words and music. While I had friends, I was rather a loner, and that also had to do with my family situation, another story sometime.

What is it that makes leaders different? How can anyone look into the future to see who will rise from follower status to becoming a recognized leader – someone who is widely accepted as a guru? Probably a lot of people figure that when you look at a leader, you see certainty and passion and enthusiasm. With those elements, a person inspires confidence in others. You probably don’t have a bunch of statistics to back it up, but I’ll bet you’ve noticed the same thing in your own life. Man or woman, the person who exudes confidence is easy to follow. And what about the one without it? You may not even know they exist. That was pretty much how I felt.

For people to follow you, you must have chosen a path you have very strong belief in. It’s important to be 100% sure, because any doubt in your voice or in your actions comes through loud and clear to everyone who is looking at you. When you show the clear mental toughness to lead in one definite direction, then you have a real opportunity to gather followers. On the other hand, if you run around in several different directions, then people will keep on looking for a leader.

It’s always surprising how many people look to others to guide them when, if they just Googled their question, they’d have an answer. True leaders don’t wait for others to make a move to do it for them. They find a model of what they want, then they figure it out and make it work. When a leader doesn’t understand how to do something, they try it anyway. This isn’t revolutionary. Every one of us learns to drive by driving. Success as a leader means you have a “think REALLY big” mindset, and then doing the necessary actions. A leader absolutely knows that they are the ONLY one responsible for their future, so they do the logical actions that will bring the results they want.

It took me a long time to really “get” this. I am just starting to do videos and have a friend standing by to walk me through Windows MovieMaker. However today, while I had some time, I “Googled” it and the answers were there. So, I’ll try it without him and will call him only if I get really stuck. Why? Because I grew into a leader.

Wishing you mlm residual income success by being a leader,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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Sometimes we have to color inside the lines for mlm residual income success.

For example, we strive to fill out those little circles on surveys and questionnaires.

We try to stay within the space when completing the arrows on a voting ballot – at least here in Phoenix. Does anyone else use those?

It works if we “stay within the lines” with the Mentoring for Free system. The system works.

My good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy, author of the free ebook Success in 10 Steps told me once, when I wanted to do this and that, to just get in and “drive the car”. The system was set up. Just use it.

Being a blue personality (see September 6, 2006 in the archives), it has taken me a while to focus on that. I really “got it” on the Success Team Builders cruise. That’s how teammates have success. I crossed another line.

So, I’m “coloring within the lines”.

Wishing you mlm residual income success by coloring inside the lines,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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MLM Residual Income and The Slight Edge

I have been catching up on my taxes and was thinking that I should have been using more of The Slight Edge techniques all along.

I had 2 years to catch up on before I even got to the 2007 return.

Don’t know about you, but tax preparation is something I dread so much each year that I’ll even put housecleaning and pulling weeds ahead of it. And I even send them off to my accountant to complete. Of course, that’s not the basic reason I didn’t do the prior-year taxes, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I was thinking that what I should have done, and have started to do, is to do something small each day relative to record-keeping. Whether I record the receipts in a ledger or, now into my “Neat Receipts” scanning device, I just do that every day, or whevever I get a receipt, and then compiling the info is easy.

Well, I did do that for 2007, but evidently missed a few and then couldn’t remember what a few were for. Perhaps an easy spreadsheet for those expenses that are online and I don’t have physical receipts for unless I print them out, probably a waste of paper and ink. But there is progress.

If you’re familiar with The Slight Edge process from the book of the same name by Jeff Olson, you know that you can do small, easy things every day, or not do them, and your progress will go up towards success or down towards failure. I’m working on going up towards success – there is a chart to check off which way you went each day.

Formula for Success

Where am I going with this? Well my good friend and mentor Art Jonak teaches that network marketing is as simple as doing a few simple things every day. He says that the formula for success is “getting a large number of people doing a few simple things over and over for a long period of time“.

That makes sense. The key is the KISS system – “keep it simple, sweetheart”.

I can address that in another post.

In the meantime, I’ll finish my 2007 tax info to send off to my accountant to complete properly. And I’ll work on keeping notes every day for expenses. And I’ll check off the boxes above the median line on the slight edge chart as many times in a month as possible to keep my progress in the success mode and not failure mode.

And this is also how I become a leader – one day at a time.

Wishing you mlm recurring income success through using “The Slight Edge” philosophy,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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“Be a Mentor with a Servant’s Heart”