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Let’s explore a very important attribute a person needs to have that leads to mlm success.

Take a good look at who is successful in MLM, and you will see they are all leaders.

How do you become a leader? Find someone who will follow your lead. The only way that can happen is if THEY consider you to be the all-knowing guru who will tell them the MLM success secret.

Everybody wants a leader who truly believes. When you can tap into your own bedrock core level of inner belief, it will amaze you how many people YOU can inspire. MLMers will look to you as a leader, because true motivational leaders are almost impossible to find.

To be considered a wizard in network marketing, all you need is deep, deep, deep belief.

Does all this “leader” talk make you nervous? You’re probably thinking that you are on the other side of this deal, one of the masses looking for that leader.

But here’s the point. When you have that rock-solid, core belief, it doesn’t matter that you’ve never been looked at as a leader before. They will follow you because you inspire them.

Even if that idea seems far-fetched right now, it’s just a matter of some intensive coaching and some dedicated practice to actually reach it. You don’t have to be anything close to flawless to help a lot of people turn their lives around. They are looking for the right model. It’s a great spot for you to be in, but only if you learn to really drill down into your steel-hard core belief.

How can you possibly become that ultimate leader?

You see the people around you, and there just is no one who would follow you. And even if they would, you’re not really sure where you would lead them. Maybe you have some possibilities, but there’s just no certainty that’s strong enough to inspire very many people.

Worse, you have your own moments of self-doubt when you think there’s just no way you’ll ever get to the place you want in life. I understand that success seems so distant, it’s almost like a dream. But with the right training and some dedicated effort on your part, “you” as an inspirational leader could be just a few weeks away … not months or years.

Will you make a commitment to your future? (More in the next message …)

Wishing you mlm success through learning to become a leader,

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MLM Residual Income Success – MLM Mistakes

I have made these mlm mistakes.

Does the following resonate with you? Or rather, does it give you the chills?

It seemed exactly the right thing to do when you started. You figured you’d start part-time and build to full-time. Set up a 2nd income to eventually replace your full-time job. Then you could kiss your boss good-bye. No more commuting. Goodbye office politics. More time with your family members. You get to be around as kids grow up. More money to do the things you and your family wanted to do.

Then you ran into a “Heavy Hitter”, and you made the Cardinal Error. When they told you to just put your faith in them, to trust them … you did. I did, too. In that moment, you thought you were on your way to financial freedom, to giving your family all those things they so richly deserved. But then, over time, it went very, very wrong.

Instead of tremendous profits, you got wild losses. You believed it was a slam dunk, so you spent money you couldn’t afford to lose. You made credit card charges that will take months or years to repay. You wanted to give your family the best, and you wound up with certain family members laughing at you behind your back. Worst of all, in your heart now you don’t really believe you could ever be successful at your own business. Talk about mlm mistakes!

I was garage qualified – how ’bout you?

OK. It’s all water under the bridge now. What’s next? You’re smarter now. So how do you REALLY get what you want in life? Good question. I have some answers. Be sure to bookmark this site and come back often.

Wishing you mlm residual income success through avoiding or, at least, not repeating mlm mistakes,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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